How to Reuse Your Press On Nails

How to Reuse Your Press On Nails

It’s no secret that we're obsessed with press on nails - an affordable, easy, and versatile way to keep a perfect manicure as we go about our busy schedules and (many) outfit changes.

Nailuxe's Reusable Press On Manicures take this much-needed accessory to the next level through revolutionized quality and durability, giving our favorite nail looks new life without ever needing to go to the nail salon. 

Learning about how to reuse press on nails is easy, and takes nothing more than a couple of extra steps on your tried-and-tested removal method.

That's right: no more need to google "how to remove press on nails to reuse" - we got you!

It’s all about taking good care of your beloved press ons and making sure they are ready to go whenever you reach for them next! 

Why go for press on nails?

Getting a manicure is amongst the most beloved of self-care rituals, and for good reason!

Having fresh new nails brings about newfound excitement in our self-care routines, and is a great way to take the time to relax and reset - though it's not without its downsides.

Dealing with the in-between moments of acrylics or gel manicures as your nails grow out can be frustrating, just like dealing with chips, painful breaks and scheduling impromptu trips to the salon for quick fixes.

Here's where we come in.

Press on nails gives you all of the best parts of having a perfect manicure, without all of hassle associated with getting them done and the salon costs.

Quick and easy to do at home, our press on nails give you total freedom to go about your day worry-free, letting you tackle every chore and new outfit with the perfect manicure.

Even better, reusing press on nails means your favorite set can stick around, and will be readily available to whenever you need to reapply. 

Once you get acquainted with all of your favorite press on methods, you'll have perfect looking nails at a moment's notice.

Just like anything in the fashion and beauty industries, nails tend to cover an ever-changing variety of trends - from subtle, classic looks to louder designs that act as true outfit accessories.

Whatever you're in the mood for, our press on nails offer versatility and higher quality for your beauty routine, with chip and water-proof features that will have you covered no matter what.

What makes a Press On Nail Reusable?

First things first -

What makes a press on nail reusable in the first place? Short answer: quality.

The foundation to successfully learning how to reuse press on nails is making sure they will hold up over time and handle your busy life and schedule, including, of course, the not-so-pleasant chores of adult life.

We all have our favorite nail colours, and what's better than being able to rock them without having to actually deal with polish?

High quality press on nails make that possible, giving us the mani of our dreams with some nail glue and the tools in our kits.

Extremely durable, vegan, and cruelty-free, Nailuxe press on nails are designed to do just that: align with your calendar, style choices, and values all at once.

An ideal apex on our press on nails make for both strength and the perfect fit, sans the bulky look of acrylic nails - who said we have to compromise?

Together, these features make our press on nails truly reusable and durable with the right amount of flexibility for comfort.

Ready to become a press on nail pro? We have compiled some of our best reapplication tips to make sure that your nails look perfect, every single time. Let's get into it!

1. Stay away from acetone

Understanding what not to do is always a great place to begin. Make sure to steer clear of acetone when removing your press on nails, as it can weaken them and make them no longer good for reuse.

Instead, you'll want to opt for a far more gentle approach, one that will protect both your real nails and your precious press ons at the same time.

Acetone is a common nail removal method across the industry, particularily used for polish and gel removal. Acetone may be used to remove your press ons but keep in mind that they will no longer be reusable as the acetone can compromise the material of the nail. 

soaking nails in soapy water

We recommend soaking your nails in a soapy and oily hot water solution to loosen the bond between the glue and the nails. After soaking for 5-10 minutes, use the cuticle stick provided in the kit to gently lift the press on around the cuticle. If the press ons don't pop off then continue soaking. Remember, you should never force or pull your nails off. 

At the end of the day, it's about prioritizing the health of your natural nail beds and preserving your press on nails in the best way possible.

2. Get rid of any excess nail glue

After the initial removal process, make sure to file away any excess adhesive residue from the back of your press on nails. This will allow your nails to apply seamlessly for next use.

An e-file allows you to do this successfully and with ease. This investment-worthy tool facilitates the process and ensures the proper maintenance of all of your favorite fake nails, along with having incredible ASMR potential for your newest viral TikTok.


electric nail file drill


This step in an essential building block in mastering the process of how to reuse your press on nails, as it establishes a smooth foundation for the perfect fit every time. 

3. Clean and disinfect

To get rid of any extra goop and properly disinfect all of your press on nails, soak them in soapy warm water and use a nail brush to scrub.

By attentively going through each nail, you'll get rid of any debris and bacteria that may have sneaked its way through, eliminating the chances of any unpleasant encounters and unwelcome visitors when reapplying.

If you need more press-on-nail-friendly disinfecting products, rubbing alcohol is a simple and reliable option to include in your kit for the removal process.

cleaning bubbles closeup

4. Maintain your natural nails

Taking proper care of your natural nails is just as important as maintaining your press ons, since they rely on each other to create your perfect, seamless nail look.

Just like you filed excess glue off of your press on nails upon removal, it's now time to file the remaining nail glue from your natural nails with the file provided in your kit.

Whether you'll be reusing the pair you've just removed or going back to an old favorite, filing your nail beds ensures a smooth transition between your cuticle and your nails in the perfect fit.

hand with clear glove on hand mask treatment

5. Keep the packaging

Amongst all of our reapplication tips, this one is one of the simplest and best.

It can be easy to open up your brand new press on nails and immediately toss the packaging into the recycling bin, but you might want to think twice before you part ways with your box.

Our packaging is intentional and designed to store your press ons for future use. No more losing random nails throughout the house! Properly storing your press on nails in between uses makes all of the difference for successful reapplication! After removing and cleaning your press ons, simply place back into the packaging tray.

Keeping your original press on nails packaging is an effortless way to nail this step, preventing your press ons from getting lost, crushed, warped, or distorted in any other unpredictable way when stored in less-than-ideal circumstances.

nailuxe classic french press on nails and brush on glue on magazine

6. Prep, prep, prep!

After you've gone through all the steps to keep your press on nails perfectly preserved for the next round of reapplication, it's time to focus on getting your natural nail ready to go for reapplication.

Standards practices like pushing back your cuticles, trimming hang nails and filing are a must to get started (don't forget to lightly buff for an even long lasting manicure) - promptly followed by alcohol to clean and an evenly apply an even layer of glue to both your natural nail and the back of the press on nail. 

close up of hand pushing back cuticle with cuticle stick

Align under your cuticle for a perfect fit, pressing down firmly and holding for 20 or more seconds to make sure they are properly glued on before releasing.

Need more tips on how to apply your nails? Watch our tutorial.

Regardless if you're new to the press on nails life or a true veteran, you've got this in the bag. Good luck!

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