14 Bridal Nail Designs For Your Big Day

14 Bridal Nail Designs For Your Big Day

Brides are preparing for their big day as the 2023 wedding season continues to inch closer, and that means taking care of all of the important details for the perfect ceremony.

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Wedding nails may seem like a smaller detail in the grand scheme of things, but let’s get real: they’re bound to show up in a lot of your photos… and, most importantly, your memories.

It’s no secret that weddings are a blend of deeply special, personal, and intimate moments, and every detail matters.

Much like a reflection of the hundreds of other choices and special touches of your wedding day, your nails are a chance to express your personal style while also creating a special memory and gorgeous manicure for you to reflect on fondly (and even revisit!) every once in a while.

glazed donut short square nails
Source: Pinterest

Well, this important decision does not have to be a stressful one. We’ve put together a list to help you find your perfect wedding manicure, no matter what you individual style and big day are looking like.

Ready to meet your wedding day nail match? Let’s get into it. 

1. Nude nails

medium nude coffin nails with gold ring

What could be more perfect for a wedding than a true classic? If you are opting for more timeless choices, there’s no going wrong with a neutral manicure.

Elegant and minimalistic, this style works on all skin tones and can be catered to your specific color palette, ranging from deeper caramels to pink, subtle shades. 

Long almond light nude pink nails with silver rings and blazer blazer sleeve
Source: Pinterest

If you’re looking to go the stress-free route while still getting the wedding nails of your dreams, the Nailuxe Beige Almond press-ons are made for you.

The almond shape elongates your fingers while the classic nude shade matches and enhances your bridal look - easy and just what you were looking for.

2. White nails

milky white coffin nails with dainty gold rings
Source: @jenny.jennys

While they are less discrete than nude nails, white nails are just as dreamy. From a milky white finish to a couple of delicate, sheer coats, your white wedding manicure can look a lot of different ways.

White nail polish has been a staple for many of us throughout the years, and who's to say this beloved manicure doesn't deserve a place among classic wedding nail styles?

This clean look can work wonders to complement your wedding dress and make the details pop while still referencing a more neutral manicure choice.

3. French manicure

classic french almond manicure with engagement ring
Source: @sim.sova

What can we say? Weddings call for the truly timeless. The ever-relevant and classic French Manicure could never stay out of our wedding nails list. 

Always in style, these nails are the epitome of sophistication, and, most importantly, surprising versatility! 

Try going off of your wedding colors to mix and match all of the nude, pink, and white nail polish tones that you can imagine. Play around with both the base and the tip shades to find the combination that works best for you.

Of course, you don’t have to limit yourself to understated colors if you don’t want to - experiment away! 

If you do decide to go with in the more delicate direction, definitely don’t forget about the shape of your bridal nails.

Based on your hand shape and personal preferences, the choice between an almond and a coffin French manicure can get you one step closer to feeling your best.

4. Pearls and embellishments

close up of french manicure with pearls
Source: Pinterest

We’re all for keeping it elegant and simple, but we can’t deny these classic manicures make for the perfect canvas, too.

Pearls, crystals, and embellishments in general might be  the perfect choice for your romantic, intimate wedding or extravagant reception… as always, you call the shots! 

long crystal embellished almond nails with nude nail polish
Source: @mydumbnails

Adding a little something extra can be a fun, easy, and stress-free way of making your wedding manicure that much more special. 

From oh-so-delicate and subtle accent nails to all-out eye-catching sparkle, these bridal nails might be just the thing to bring out your personality on this special day.

5. Minimalist nail art

minimal nail art on short round nails
Source: Pinterest

Just as unique as it sounds. Minimalist nail art can be a great way of incorporating a personal touch to your wedding day manicure without worrying about going overboard. 

Simple lines and designs can upgrade your manicure into something truly unique that you will be able to cherish and remember, while also keeping in line with the theme of your wedding and personal taste. 

Need help deciding what works? That's where your nail artist comes in!

short natural nails with reverse french tip holding arm with lace sleeve
Source: @thehangedit

Collaborate in creating and executing a special and sleek custom nail design that only you could have. Sleek, contemporary, and fresh - take inspiration from your bridal gown, wedding theme, and venue for the perfect minimalist nail blend. 

6. French ombré

short round french ombre nailsSource: Pinterest

Made for the contemporary bride that wants to keep that classic touch. 

A modern play on the French Manicure, the French ombré style borrows a concept and brings it elegantly into the fashion of today. 

Talk to your nail artist! This is the perfect option if you are trying to keep the essence of the traditional french manicure while also putting your own unique spin on things.

7. Short and natural

short square natural nails with light pale pink polish
Source: Pinterest

Your wedding nails might not be the focus of your look, but a simple, clean manicure is sure to make you feel more put together and beyond ready to make your most special memories. 

We all know this to be true: short and natural nails are a fool-proof staple.

Enhancing the natural pink shade of your natural nail beds, this Blush square Nailuxe set is the answer to your wedding prayers. Easy, delicate, charming, affordable, stress-free, and reusable - yes, we mean all of it! 

While certain brides might prefer long stiletto nails, for example, others might opt for keeping things simple and reliable; if that's your case, short nails will not let you down.

natural short nails with beige nail polish with dainty ring
Source: Pinterest

It is important to note that, traditionally, nude, soft tones lead the way when it comes to a wedding day color palette.

Often staying in line with the white and cream shades of a traditional wedding dress, nail styles tend to veer toward delicate and feminine colors and designs.

Of course, there are many exceptions to every “rule!" No matter which path you choose to go down, rest assured it’ll be the perfect one for you. 

While there is no shortage of nude wedding nail options out there, there are also a wide variety of less conventional and stylish nail designs that can be perfect for the brides looking for some extra nail flair. 

8. Metallic nails 

long almond light pink glazed donut nails with gold rings
Source: Pinterest

As we’ve seen this trend develop and grow over the last few years with the glazed donut nail trend, so it’s safe to say it’s sticking around for now.

For a different, more contemporary look, consider going with metallic nails on your big day. 

Depending on your shoes, hair accessories, and jewelry, you have plenty of opportunities to rock your metallic nails while still creating a romantic, cohesive overall look. 

engagement ring on hand with round nails
Source: Pinterest

Matching small details like your nails and footwear can create a seamless, effortlessly harmonious look while integrating the fun edge you were looking for; it doesn't get much better than that!

9. Matte nails

short round matte nude nails with gold rings
Source: Pinterest

Another subtle idea if you are looking to do a little something different while still matching the bridal vibe.

We know there are matte nail lovers out there, and rest assured that your favorite nail polish can definitely accompany you during your strut down the aisle. 

10. Ombré nails 

silver metallic tip ombre almond nails faded into neutral beige
Source: Pinterest

While we’ve mentioned the modern twist on the beloved French Manicure, ombré nails can be beautifully executed in a number of different ways. 

Between picking your colors, nail shape, and color intensity, thousands of combinations are at your fingertips, both figuratively and literally.

From paying a subtle ode to your wedding colors or adding a delicate pop of color to your bridal ensemble, there is nothing ombré can’t do. 

11. A Twist on the French Tip

neutral almond nails with gold french tip outline
Source: Pinterest

… And the same goes for the French Tip Manicure itself. By opting for the classic nail design with your very own twist, you can easily elevate and personalize this style just for you.

Whether you chose to go with a colorful tip, a metallic touch, or a fine glitter topcoat, there is no shortage of options and variation available to make your wildest nail dreams come true. 

french tip outline almond nails with gold rings
Source: Pinterest
glazed almond french tip manicure
Source: Pinterest

12. Bold nails

short red square nails with gold and pearl accent ring
Source: Pinterest

If you’re a current bride or bride-to-be, you’ve seen just how chic and fun a wedding look can become with the right pops of color.

Whether it be a hair piece, shoes, or other accessories, balancing the line between bridal and individual style can be an incredibly fun challenge as you strive to make your wedding your own!

Having fun with your nail color and even art can be another special detail for you and your guests to remember this day by.

14. Glitter nails

gold glitter ombre on short square natural nails

We know what you’re thinking - glitter nails can read more youthful and music festival-ish than bridal… but hear us out.

After all, who doesn’t love a little bit of a sparkle?

The thought of glitter on your wedding day may seem counterintuitive to some, but it's important to remember there is a crazy variety of glitter polish out there.

While the bright, chunky glitter polish that many of us used to rock in middle school is definitely still around, so are fine glitter polishes that give your manicure a unique, special sheen.

gold glitter micro french tip on short natural nails
Source: @gel.bymegan

Play around with different types of glitter polish in the months leading up to your wedding so you can figure out exactly how you feel about adding a little extra something to your bridal nails.

If you decide glitter is really not your thing, feel free to try different variations of this same concept.

Iridescent polish, for example, is a perfect glitter-adjacent option that is ideal if you're going for the popular glazed donut nails.

short round glazed donut nails in light beige
Source: Pinterest

In between all of the chaos leading up to your wedding festivities, it is only natural for you to look for convenience and stress-free alternatives wherever possible. 

Having a more relaxing and enjoyable experience does not have to mean sacrificing on all of those meaningful details that make the day yours.

Nailuxe helps you do just that - press-on nails that give you a wide variety of bridal nail options while also giving you peace of mind in the process.

Good luck! We can't wait to see what you go with.

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