14 Chic Ways to Wear French Tip Nails this Season

14 Chic Ways to Wear French Tip Nails this Season

When it comes to manicures, there’s nothing quite as timeless and foolproof as a french tip nail. This classic french manicure famously features a pale pink or nude base and white tip, finished off with a clear base coat. We're sure you're familiar!

This nail art design can’t lack in your collection! The Nailuxe Classic French Almond press-on nails are the elegant staples you need.

Reusable and always in style - there’s no going wrong with this baby pink base and true white tips.

white french tip almond press on nails

As all styles do, french tip nails have evolved over the years, expanding into various other fun and trendy alternatives that keep the essence of its original blueprint.

While a classic french manicure will always be part of our nail art rotation, this season brings exciting new designs that we can integrate into our nail routines! 

Like makeup and fashion, nail art allows us to express ourselves and show off our personal style. Having more options gives us the freedom to feel more and more like ourselves - is there anything better?

Nailuxe Reusable Press On Manicure in style Classic French

By dipping your toes into the nail designs of the summer, you get to explore and find out exactly what brings out your best.

Colorful options and exciting new additions can allow you to make your own french manicure, personalized just the way you like it. Whether you enjoy long nails or short nails, there is a perfect french tip manicure out there for you!

lilac french tip coffin nails

The world of nail art has certainly taken french tip nails under its adventurous wing - hundreds of versions and endless inspo pics on our feeds make it challenging to decide which nail art design we should go for next. 

Here, we’re breaking down some of our favorite french manicure variations, getting you one step closer to the trendy french tip designs of your dreams. 

Ranging from nail shape to colors and artistic renditions of the white tip, there is really nothing you can’t do when it comes to adapting french tip nails. The world is your oyster! 

1. A little pop of color

Perhaps the most famous variation of the classic french mani is the colorful tip! The popularity of this style can be attributed to its versatility - beyond being a fun and chic take on the white tip, it is also entirely customizable to each person. 

From making an eye-catching rainbow effect to using only earth tones or neutral beige shades, there are hundreds of looks you can achieve with this variation alone.

short square neon orange french tip nails

hot pink french tip almond nails

When we say anything, we really mean it. You can even try using different neon colors - perfect for fitting into the summer heat.

Don’t be shy! Experiment with everything you can think of until the right combo hits the spot. 

2. Chrome tips

The iridescent nail look has won many of us over, and has been on an especially big rise over the last few months. Chrome tips are a striking version of the french manicure that plays into this trend.

long almond nails with silver chrome french tips and scattered embellishments

round gold metallic french tip nails with dainty embellishment near cuticle

From gold to silver and even pearl-toned chrome nails, this eye-catching design will undeniably give your outfit and overall look an upgrade. From concerts to pool parties and even your favorite brunch spots - there is no where you can't rock this

3. Two-shades french manicure

If intricate, detailed nail designs are up your alley, this might be the perfect option for you! 

The two-tone french tip nails can be a fun way to try something new, while still keeping things delicate and resulting in a subtle look.

Whether you are looking for something sweet and simple for a formal occasion or a dainty design for every day, we know you won’t regret trying this one out. 

bright and colourful two toned french tip long coffin nails

Just like single-shade colorful tips, this trend is entirely customizable to your preferred color palette - from nudes to bold colors, your nails will be exactly what you make them!

4. V-shape

A geometric take we think you’ll love. Rather than rounding out the bottom of your french tip, try making two diagonal lines intersecting in the middle of your nail. That way, straight edges will make for a bold and beautiful modern flair. 

v-shaped white french tip square nails

The combination of this contemporary variation and the classic white tip creates a simple yet harmonious balance between old and new, exciting and familiar all at once. 

5. Patterned tips

When you really want to go all in to the fun territory. There is nothing quite like the feeling of getting a fresh new manicure that speaks to how you’re feeling.

short round french tip nails in leopard print pattern

From animal prints to sweet florals and even tie-dye effects, it's really up to your own imagination and creativity.

You don't have to limit yourself to the traditional french tip nails parameters, either! Feel free to bring your design onto other parts of your nail bed, while keeping some sort of concentration on the tips.

6. Colorful base coat

Have you been waiting for a bold look? Your time has finally come. Beyond bringing in colorful tips, this trend bets on a fun and eye-catching color combination.

By integrating color on your entire nail, you'll create a loud and extra lively look; ideal for going to that summer music festival or to the beach with your friends!

hot pink jelly effect french nails with neon pink tips

Go all out - use a different color on every area of your nails. You can even integrate the two shades tip if you're feeling a little something extra.

7. Double French

Another chic, elegant, and modern french manicure design. Grab your white polish and paint on two distinct strips on the tips of your nails.

Have fun with it, too! These bands can be two identical strips, come in different sizes, or even be done in different colors.

long coffin nails with white double french outlines

long almond nails with black french tip outline

Pro tip: make sure you let your nails dry completely before applying the second strip - you don't want to risk any smudging throughout this delicate process.

8. Ómbre

Sophisticated ómbre nails are another tried-and-tested fan favorite.

This dainty manicure gives off a romantic vibe at any time of year, while still bringing something new to your french manicure and matching all of your summer fits.

For a seamless and easy manicure experience, opt for the Nailuxe Modern French Coffin press-on nails.

Lasting up to two weeks and super easy to apply, these french nails will have you reconsidering ever picking up a nail polish again!

french ombre coffin press on nails - Nailuxe Reusable Press On Manicure

9. Glam Glitter

Sometimes all you need is some glitter. The Nailuxe Lunar Almond set gives you just that - a feminine and special glitter french manicure.

The almond nail shape leans into the fresh and natural nail look, while the romantic silver glitter tips make for a versatile style addition for any outfit and occasion.

Nailuxe Reusable Press On Manicure in style Lunar (glitter french tip almond nails)

10. Black

Just because it's summer doesn't mean we have to steer clear of darker, richer shades. The black french manicure has a loyal fanbase, and you might end up enjoying it too!

long almond shaped black tip french nails

Literally opposite to the classic french manicure, this style creates a whole different feeling, playing into the edgy and modern rather than the delicate and classic.

If black isn't quite your color, feel free to take it slow! Browns and greys are also great color alternatives to experiment with before diving head first into black nail polish.

For even more possible variations in this style, try switching up your nail shape! From opting for square nails to almond or coffin, you can totally change your entire look again. Give it a go and see what you vibe with.

11. Free edge tips

While french tips tend to follow the natural white outline of the natural nail with a slightly curved line, this trend allows you to paint outside of the lines.

Free-handing the edge will give you the control to explore new, more organic designs. Diagonal french tips, curvy lines, and even zigzag designs are all available options here - and so is anything else you can come up with!

Great for the artists in the house - go with the flow and see what you can create!

curved white line manicure on light pink base on short round nails

12. Rhinestones and bling

If there is ever a time to put rhinestones on your nails, it's during the summer. Music festivals and days out in the sun call for something more - even when your preferred style is the ever-present french manicure.

long almond french tip nails with dainty crystals embellishments

If you are set on keeping your white (or colorful!) tips but still want to take it to the next level, try incorporating rhinestones in your nail art.

By outlining the section of your nail where the white begins and the pale pink ends, you can effortlessly have festival-appropriate nails without having to steer too far from your classic faves.

From colorful stones to silver and even a blend of the two, there are still tons of ways you can personalize this trend to fit your preference and the rest of your look.

13. Metallic

Another step up from colorful french tips! Metallic nail polish brings something new to the table. Instead of just playing off of distinct shades, this trend leans into the beauty of textures to create unparalleled visual interest.

purple metallic french tip almond nails with green fur jacket

From simple white metallic options to bold green and purple colors, for example, there are hundreds of looks to choose from.

14. Alternating nails

Asymmetry makes itself known in a lot of the popular nail art trends nowadays. Rather than encouraging uniform nails all around, this concept allows us to think outside of the box, randomly assigning slightly distinct designs to create a fun, interesting, and cohesive end product.

French tip nails are a great vehicle for this trend, as they allow for a simple and effective way of spreading color throughout each nail while still leaving space for different designs wherever you please.

sage french tip nails with floral design on ring finger nail

Pro Nail Tips

Trying out new nail designs can be great, but there is definitely a learning curve to figuring out the best way to do your nails and implement intricate nail art in the process.

While visiting a professional nail technician is always great, moving away from harsh processes like the application of acrylic nails is important in order to nurture and maintain healthy natural nails.

Checkout some of our tips that can help you become your own pro nail tech!

Be patient... and keep your nail polish remover nearby

Like all new things, learning how to paint your nails can be a frustrating process - especially if you are still getting the hang of keeping a steady hand.

Don't stress. While this is easier said than done, try enjoying the process rather than putting pressure on yourself to get it right the first time. A comfortable setup can certainly get you started on the right track.

Collect the right tools

From a q tip to that one nail file you can't go without - finding the right tools for your process can be essential to figuring out what you like to do best, and how you like to do it.

Don't dismiss anything before you try it! You'd be surprised what you can find helpful once you keep an open mind.

Don't use any old nail polish

When it comes to nail polish, checking the expiration date can be important to avoid streaking and badly finished manicures.

For french manicure nails, avoiding old bottles can be even more important than normal - since you are only applying a concentrated amount on the tips of your nails, having a smooth and uncoagulated formula is essential for success.

Don't be afraid to use guide strips

Applying your base polish and top coat might be easier steps to master, but nailing the french tip might take some time.

Guide strips are a great resource to have around in your kit, as they can quickly give you a reference to work off of. Once you get familiar with wearing them to paint, you'll be able to instinctively understand the spacing of your nails and your french manicure.

The nail art world can be intimidating to join, but the payoff is definitely there! The inspiration is endless, and so is your own imagination. We can't wait to see what you do... good luck!


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