8 Biggest Nail Trends for 2022

8 Biggest Nail Trends for 2022

Inspired by runway fashion and beauty trends, these nail designs are sure to help you stand out from the crowd. From metallics to the new french, there's something in this list for everyone to try- even if you're not willing to part ways with your neutral mani.

While not all styles are new, some cult favorites and go-to classics are seeing a style revival. Keep scrolling to checkout these screenshot-worthy manis to try in 2022. We promise, you'll be obsessed.

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1. Chrome

nude nails with chrome abstract design at tip


girl with black jacket with metallic silver chrome nails


Chrome is definitely having a major moment in 2022. Metallic nails in colours such as silver, gold, pink and blue are making waves in the nail industry. Try this trend as a solid on all nails like @llinagore, or as an abstract french design like seen on @thehotblend. For that perfect mirror finish, we suggest using a metallic nail powder. For best results, apply powder in a rubbing motion with an eyeshadow sponge to a black gel polish. Brush off excess powder and finish curing with a glossy top coat.

Pro tip: Don't have chrome powder at home? Use a super finely milled, metallic eye shadow like L'Oréal Infallible Paints Metallics Eyeshadow in shade 408 Aluminum Foil.

2. Punchy colors

megan fox wearing bright orange eye makeup and orange nails


megan fox wearing bright orange eye makeup and orange nails


green purse with nude and green abstract nail design


This year is all about vibrant, bright punchy colors. The color trends in fashion for 2022 are filled with rich and colourful hues and can been seen influencing nail trends as well. Colors such as primary blue, tangy lime, hot orange, cerulean, and radiant yellow are among the trendiest colors for 2022. One of the top colour trends for this year is kelly green, inspired by the iconic fashion brand Bottega Veneta's bright emerald "racing green". Some of our favorite nail polish colors for this trend are Gucci Vernis À Ongles Nail Polish in 717 Marcia Cobalt and 712 Melinda Green.

Looking to make a beauty statement? Get the red carpet look by matching your nail color to the same color as your eye makeup, like seen on Megan Fox. This monochromatic beauty trend is here to stay.

3. Marble nails

almond nail shape with pink marble designInstagram/@perfectlypolishedchelsey

Looking for a softer nail design trend to try this year? Then rose quartz marble nails are perfect for you! If you love the power of healing crystals then we're sure you'll love this nail look. Want to get the marble look in seconds? Try our Rose Quartz press ons for instant salon quality nails at home.

4. Pearls

french manicure nails with pearl accent details


manicured nails with assortment of pearl embellishments Instagram/@overglowedit 

This eye-catching trend is sure to get you compliments. Pearls have been so popular with makeup and nail trends as it adds just the right amount of elegance and style. Try adding pearl details on an accent nail or try a scattered design as seen by nail artist Melanie, also known as @overglowedit on Instagram. Or, upgrade your french manicures with pearl details as seen on @vwnails. Pearl nail art is the perfect way add daintiness and femininity to any nail look. Did we also mention that it looks great on shorter nails too?

5. Metallic glitter

long almond metallic sliver nails Instagram/@glosshouse 

hands holding black iPhone in mirror with silver and nude nails Instagram/@kendalkit 

Feel like rolling around in a pool of glitter? Us too. Metallic glitter is not only pretty to look at, but it adds a little bit of spice to any look. If you love your classic french mani and glitter, try our Reusable Press On Manicure in style Lunar. Guaranteed perfect french nails, at-home, every time.

6. Extreme minimalism

nude short round nails with gold thin lines


almond nails in neutral polish colourInstagram/@kendalkit 

Dainty and minimalist nails has been widely seen on the runway and a favourite of celebrity nail artists. The key to a flawless manicure is prep and a healthy foundation. That's why keeping your hands and cuticles moisturized and regularly maintained is so important. This extreme minimalist nail trend is perfect if you have shorter nails and can be easily recreated at home. Just grab your cuticle pusher and your favorite nude or clear polish. Feeling adventurous? Try adding thin lines in a different color to your nails as seen on @glowbeautybath.

7. Sky blue

short bright sky blue nails


Blue, particularly this soft sky blue, is the perfect nail color for a fresh spring/summer mani. We love this nail trend color since it reminds us of warm summer days and lounging by the pool. Get this pretty sky blue look at home without the need for nail polish with our press on set Riviera, in our classic coffin nail shape.

8. Alligator print

short bright pink nail with alligator print


french manicure nails with orange and pink alligator print tips


You can't go wrong with an animal print mani. Cow print was all the rave last year but this year we're seeing a lot more alligator print nails. We absolutely adore this set done by @nailssby.kathleen. Try adding alligator print to your french tips. Pro tip: get the perfect french manicure with a bright colour using these mistake proof french tip nail stickers.


While we still love the graphic look of mismatched nails, we're loving these new dainty and vibrant nail trends for 2022. Let us know what nail trends you're loving and which ones you're going to try during your next manicure appointment. Don't have time for the salon? Stay on trend with our reusable press ons that are super easy to apply and last up to 2+ weeks of wear.

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