Nail Designs To Try According to Your Astrology Sign

Nail Designs To Try According to Your Astrology Sign

Astrology nail designs are always a fun way to try something new and show off your best traits! As a new season arrives, it's always exciting to start fresh and embrace parts of your personality through beauty and fashion - and now nail art!

This list of amazing nail design options was made with all of you in mind, looking to represent the best you have to offer and your energy in a unique way you'll love.

Aries (March 21st - April 19th)

Deep wine polished coffin nails

Our brave and bold Aries babies are as real as a fire sign gets - always ready to fight for themselves and the ones they love. Passion makes itself present in everything they do, and our nail style couldn't steer away from this strong character trait.

Our Sangria Coffin press ons brings bold drama, flawlessly representing the first in the line of the zodiac inspired nails.

Taurus (April 20th - May 20th)

Light blue coffin shaped nails

If there is an astrological sign that’s all about self-love, it’s Taurus. This grounded earth sign loves all things peaceful and relaxing, prioritizing well-being and their favorite activities. Our Riviera Coffin design keeps with the calm theme, while this fun shape allows for an elegant edge.

Gemini (May 21st - June 20th)

Colourful swirl almond nails


The sociable and always fun friend you’ll bring with you to crowded events. Our Gemini suns seem to always have a large stock of energy with them, ready to bounce around a thousand different tasks - and somehow manage to get them all done. Up, down, and always unpredictable, Gems keep us on our toes!

Geminis need to have it all at once, and we've chosen to reflect that on their nails: this swirly, fluid, and colorful design by @glosshouse is the perfect fit.

Cancer (June 21st - July 22nd)

White swirl nail design on light pink base on short square nails


The queens and kings of emotional intelligence and intuitive feelings. Our Cancers have an especially sharp tact when it comes to feeling out a situation, are highly in touch with their emotions, and are excited to delve deeper into those special connections (while always staying cautious!) The emotional fluidity of Cancer inspired this sleek and classy look by @kendalkit.

Leo (July 23rd - August 22nd)

Gold and silver nail art on natural almond shaped nails


It’s about knowing your worth and flaunting it! An incredible dramatic flair accompanies our Leos wherever they go (is there glitter falling from the sky, or is it just us?). Lively and ready to live every moment like it’s their last, Leos are always invited to our hangouts.

Bringing all of the drama and sparkle Leos warrant, this mix of metals is the perfect nail art to match the beloved "extra" energy!

Virgo (August 23rd - September 22nd)

french ombre coffin shaped nails

Speaking of party… if we need someone to plan it, we’re dialing our Virgo friends first. Always on top of their game and ready to solve every problem, this earth sign has planning (and everything else) down to a T. 

It couldn’t be different when it comes to their style. Think of the ultimate Pinterest girl, and we can almost guarantee you’ll show us a picture of your fave Virgo influencer rocking sleek neutrals with a perfect latte on hand. Classic, but always on-trend, our Virgo girls are the perfect fit for our Modern French style - a timeless french tip made modern with a classy, ombre effect.

Libra (September 23rd - October 22nd)

almond shaped nails with white hand painted daisies on tip of nails


All that our famously indecisive air sign really wants is balance. Always seeking to make diplomatic choices and prioritize fairness in their everyday life, Libras steer away from conflict and would always prefer peace to conflict. Hopeless romantics waiting for their match to bring them roses, Libras are also starry-eyed and looking to feel that spark.

Libras: this time, we're deciding for you! Lean into the romance with this feminine, delicate nail art by @naileditbeauty.

Scorpio (October 23rd - November 21st)

tortoise french tip nails


Courage and mystery define our Scorpios, our intense water signs that go all-in when they want to. Overly cool and intimidating at times but undeniably alluring, this hard shell can be cracked to reveal dynamic emotional traits. Try going for this soft tortoise french tip nail look that plays off the mystery in our Scorpios, keeping us interested and wanting to know more.

Sagittarius (November 22nd - December 21st)

black graphic print on neutral almond shaped nails


Always looking to expand their field of knowledge - in more ways than one. This adventurous sign will try anything once, following their impulsive instincts to step outside their comfort zone into the unknown. Adventure is a favorite pastime - this fire sign isn’t afraid to explore.

Different but still versatile, this @nailsbydannimoore design is just what the doctor orders for our Sags.

Capricorn (December 22nd - January 19th)

neutral almond shaped nails with gold rings


Capricorn might have big plans, and a lot of patience to make them come true. Career-driven and sporting an enviable work ethic, this earth sign knows where it’s going. Work is important, but it’s not everything. Our Capricorns also know how important relationships are, and know how to value the important relationships in their lives.

Our Incognito Almond press on nail set is it. Reflecting the serious and stoic with an air of comfort and familiarity - we love!

Aquarius (January 20th - February 18th)

silver star press on nails with pink base in almond shape

Aquarius loves to be themselves and loves to help others just as much. This air sign lets itself be taken where the wind goes, open to whatever comes its way, and always looking to learn in the process.

When making style choices, Aquarius is as fluid as ever, opting for quirky designs that make them feel at home. Our pick for Aquarius zodiac nails is the Supernova, a metallic star manicure that stands out but still goes with all of your fun looks - does it get more perfect than this?

Pisces (February 19th - March 20th)

silver glitter french tip almond nails

A deeply emotional sign, our Pisces friends float in between the real world and the fantasy haven of their dreams. Deeply empathetic to others, Pisces are incredible friends and shoulders to cry on - and expect the same care in return. Sweet, and artistic, this sign will never disappoint when it comes to picking incredible nail art to rock.

Our Lunar style represents that dreamy Pisces aspect and creative flair, with a glittery holographic tip that makes your look extra special.

Feel it out and have fun!

No matter your zodiac sign or your personal taste, nail art is about trying new things, expressing yourself, and having a blast in the process. Browse our selection of high quality press on nails for your next manicure. Go for stars on your design, stick with sheer shades, or opt for bright colors and bold manicures - the world is your oyster! We can't wait to see what you pick. 

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