Tips to Create a Luxury Spa Like Bathroom

Tips to Create a Luxury Spa Like Bathroom

While there is a lot to love about a spa day, there is nothing quite like being able to enjoy our homes while still feeling just as luxurious and pampered as we do when we go out. 

Use any of these following tips to turn your bathroom into a self-care central and make yourself feel like you're at a private spa. These tips will also help anyone make the most of their self-care habits.

neutral spa like bathroom with white robe hanging on wall

Let’s get real - the comfort of our own homes is unparalleled, and what could be better than vamping up our personal spaces to make them feel extra special? Taking a few small steps to upgrade your bathroom space into the spa of your dreams can make all of the difference in your relaxation routine. 

bathroom vanity tray next to sink with hand care items

From permanent changes that will add to the everyday vibe of your bathroom to special occasion preparations for your at-home spa day, we have got you covered for all things bathroom transformation!

Stick with us for some spa bathroom ideas and to find out just how easy it can be to create your very own spa at-home.

The Big Changes

Go Minimal

minimal bathroom with vanity and mirror in off-white colour

We get it - bathrooms tend to easily accumulate clutter as we always look to keep our favorite products within easy reach. While it's great to save a few minutes in the morning, having a clean and open bathroom can bring more and better long-term benefits for your relaxation.

The trick for this to work without having to cut back on your extensive skin care routine? Storage! Putting all of your products and accessories away in organized containers can allow you to enjoy the ambiance of your bathroom without having to constantly move things around (or accidentally drop them on the ground!). Don't forget to make sure you have easy access to your everyday items and you'll be good.

minimal medicine cabinet above sink opened with beauty products on shelves

Trust us - minimalist design is the way to go. Not having to think about constantly cleaning up a messy counter and finding last minute room for things will make your life that much better… and your relaxation time much more fulfilling! 

Opt for Natural Materials and Textures

When shopping for the necessary bathroom accessories, keeping natural materials like wood in mind is always a good idea. Beyond promoting gentle and peaceful energy, rich wood tones and more neutral muted shades of these materials seamlessly promote a more open and comfortable environment. As much as bright colors can bring life to a space, let's leave it to the other rooms of the house!

natural marble vanity with beige veining with round gold mirror above and wall scone lighting

This tip doesn't just count for aesthetic additions to the bathroom, either. In reality, it's an overall great way to narrow down and veto storage solutions for your bathroom or powder room! Bringing in natural elements such as a wooden frame and straw baskets is a quick and easy way to achieve a spa like bathroom on a budget. 

From your shower curtain to your smallest accessories, staying neutral can make all of the difference. For accents, gold fixtures can be elegant and subtle ways to add a touch of luxury to your spa bathroom!

bathroom marble vanity with woven basket storage underneath sink

If you're new to interior design, following this rule can also make it easier for you to end up with a cohesive look - effortless and even better than a fancy spa.


A small area rug can seem like an unnecessary addition to a bathroom, but when that space becomes a designated getaway from your day to day stress, it makes perfect sense! 

vintage blue rug in middle of bathroom

Placing a rug in the bathroom serves a simple purpose - to offer respite from cold tiles and cozy up the room in less than a minute. A luxurious and low-effort way to spruce up your bathroom and turn it into one of your favorite rooms in the house.

Find a Seat!

From a simple stool to a larger bench, having a seat in your bathroom will immediately make it feel like a space you’ll want to hang out in! No matter how much room you have available to you, there are tons of great solutions to find something that works.

wooden stool with tray holding soap and towels folded

From being able to sit down to apply your moisturizer and apply your favorite Nailuxe press-on manicure, having a designated and versatile sitting space will make for an inviting and settling bathroom. 

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round short wooden stool


Invest in a Rain Showerhead

No more complaining about the wrong water pressure! We all know just how big of a difference good shower heads can be for a truly out-of-body bathroom experience.

gold rainfall shower with white tiles

Available at various different price points, you can find something that works for your budget as it upgrades your shower experience, making everyday feel like a well-earned spa experience. Is there anything better? We didn't think so.

Get Extravagant!

Did We Hear Someone Say Light Dimmer?

When it comes to lighting, the temperature and brightness of your bulbs can make a big difference when trying to create a relaxing spa like bathroom in your own home. If your bathroom doesn't have much natural light then having multiple lighting options is a must.

While we have to be aware we still need to be practical for certain moments (i.e. putting on makeup!), bright lights are quick to kill the vibe when we're trying to wind down for the night.

modern bathroom with dim lighting with white floating sink and large medicine cabinet mirror above

That's where the dimmer comes in! Bringing a high end spa feel, a dimmer can allow you to fluctuate freely between lighting settings without having to compromise later on. That's right - you'll get the best of both worlds.

Clawfoot Tub

Just when you thought a rain shower head was luxurious enough!

white clawfoot tub with white and grey marble wall behind

Clawfoot tubs are a serious investment, but one that is well worth it if you are truly looking to invest in and transform your space for the ideal spa bathroom experience. With gold accents and an undeniable spa bathroom feel, a soaking tub is the perfect way to upgrade both your routine and your environment all at once. Who needs a spa bath when you have your own tub?

Just imagine a long soak after a hard day's work... the serene environment of your dreams has never looked better!

beige clawfoot tub with linen towel draped over the side and wooden stool

We're just saying... if you have a larger space to play with, this might be your sign to start browsing.

It's All in the Details…

large plant beside glass shower with gold rain fall showerhead


From smells that target better sleep and relaxation to ones that focus on mood boosting, there is much to be said about the power of aromatherapy… and it's no different when it comes to relaxation. Essential oils such as lavender and eucalyptus are ideal for promoting tranquility and stress relief, beyond having individual additional benefits. For the ultimate spa vibes, try tying eucalyptus to your shower head.

Eucalyptus bouquet tied to shower head

For smaller spaces like bathrooms, wall diffusers can be the ideal way of filling the room with relaxing scents while you get into your full spa day routine. 

Beyond promoting a pleasant atmosphere, essential oils are also a great way of creating a calm and positive association with the space you are upgrading. Every time the wall diffuser is plugged in, you'll be ready to zone in on yourself and prioritize your relaxation time. 

Bath Tray

bathtub with bath tub tray holding open book and bath accessories

If you don't already have this, you'll definitely need one! What better way to relax in your bathtub then to have a glass of wine or watch your favourite show. We recommend using a bath tub tray to organize all your bath essentials. Trust us, you'll thank us later.


candles burning beside bath rub with a body brush

While scented candles can be a great way to decorate your home and even make it smell amazing, candles in the bathroom can also be used for their calming visual effect.

Tea light candles, for example, are the perfect solution for creating a great relaxing ambiance without taking up too much space. 


Blasting our favorite music while we are cooking dinner or halfway through our work commute make us feel happy and energized, and the same can be done when we are looking to relax! 

Soft spa music is an extremely effortless and low-cost way to make your bathroom feel like your own personal spa. A small speaker or phone and a quick Google search is all you need! 

The Final Touches

Who Doesn't Love Plants?

Plants are another great example of a simple step that can completely change the vibe and feel of your bathroom. 

large plant in white vase beside bathroom sink with arched mirror above

Whether it be a bundle of dry eucalyptus hanging from your shower head or a fresh flowers that dress up your space, having some life in your bathroom will transform it into a calming setting and improve your mood. 

Fold Your Towels 

folded towels in neutral colours on counter

Hear us out! Folding up or rolling towels might seem like an unnecessary detail, but we are strong believers that details are what makes the end result truly special.

Thinking of the "small stuff" is a great way to  make a space feel intentional and differentiated, transporting you from your everyday bathroom into a special sanctuary where you can sit back and relax in exactly the way that you deserve.

white face towel with a bar of soap on top in bathroom

Something as simple as taking the time to nicely fold your towels can contribute immensely to the overall room and its feeling of luxury and decadence. 

Organizational Baskets

bathroom organizational basket with soaps, rolled face towels and skincare products

If your bathroom is lacking on built-in storage, baskets are a great way to eliminate clutter and keep your all your bathroom and shower essentials organized. Setting aside a small basket with items such as your favorite bath bombs is yet another quick way to give your existing bathroom a spa like feel.


wicker basket with lid


If you don't have tub and are working with a small bathroom, no worries! You can switch out the bath bombs with other self-care goodies, from your favorite vitamins (find the best ones for your nails here!) to different press-on nail kits for your next mani.

Final Thoughts

There are truly endless ways of upgrading your space into the minimalist spa bathroom of your dreams. Whether you are looking to go all out (soaking tub, anyone?) or just make a few quick and intentional interior design changes, spending time and focusing on finding bathroom ideas that work for you is sure to go a long way.

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