The Best Nail Shape to Compliment Your Hands

The Best Nail Shape to Compliment Your Hands

It's no wonder manicures have often become essential steps in our self-love and care rituals - doing our nails can go a long way in uplifting our self-esteem and making us feel refreshed just like that.

Deciding on a nail shape, design, and color is always a fun and lighthearted way to unwind and do something nice for ourselves. Want to know the best part? When it comes to nail shapes, the options are truly endless. Whether you are looking to try something completely new or find your new go-to shape, we have got the perfect place for you to begin! 

How to find your perfect nail shape

Much like picking out the right clothes, selecting the right nail shape for you is all about figuring out the right proportions and length.

Finding the best nail shape to compliment your hands is a great foundation to have; no matter what you decide to try out next, you always have a reliable option to return to. 

From natural to dramatic and super subtle, nail shapes have incredible variety that can cater to exactly what you are looking for. Let's get into it.

nail shape chart including round, oval, almond, stiletto, coffin, lipstick and squoval nails

Ask the Right Questions

First things first - take a good hard look at your hands. Are your fingers long, narrow, short, or wide? What about your palms? Having a good sense of your features is essential. 

Now, ask yourself what you're looking for when it comes to getting your nails done? Do you want to elongate your fingers or go for a more discrete, balanced look?

It's also important to choose a nail style based on your lifestyle. Not only will this be a lot more practical, but it will also allow you to get the most longevity out of your fresh set of nails.

Whatever it is, you can rest assured your ideal solution is out there! Let’s take a deep dive into the world of nail shapes as you begin your search for the perfect manicure match!

Meet The Nail Shapes

Pick between a one-of-a-kind unique shape to subtle tapered ends, common nail shapes, and everything in between! After all, you'll never know until you try...

The Classics

Round Nails 

light beige short round nails

Also referred to as natural nails, round nails are as classic as they get. Following the natural outlines of your fingers, this shape is a great choice for daily use - especially if you tend to work with your hands. Popular amongst short nail-lovers, this style is a great choice for those who already have long fingers, since it does not serve to give shorter fingers an elongated look.

Despite not being particular helpful for those with short nails, the round shape works on everyone, in addition to being low-maintenance and incredibly easy to maintain even at home.

If you are a fan of this style but wish to still have an elongating effect on your hands, play around with length! Giving your nails a little more room to grow can already do wonders in making your fingers look naturally longer.

Oval Nails

light pink medium oval nails holding green leather jacket sleeve

Similar to round nails, oval nails also champion a more natural, timeless look. Usually calling for more length, this nail shape tapers slightly towards the end, keeping a rounded edge at the top.

For those looking to elongate their hands, oval nails might be a great solution as they follow the natural shape of your fingers while still giving the illusion of narrow nail beds.

While the oval shape features the same practicality of round nails, the slight difference in shape can make for a more delicate, chic look!

If you're someone who is only just starting to experiment with different nail shapes, oval nail shaped nails can be a great place to begin.

Square Nails

neutral beige natural square nails

This one is pretty self explanatory... the square nail shape features a squared off tip and straight edges!

While this style is beloved by many (and for good reason) its blunt cut has the potential of giving a shortening effect to your hands - the opposite of almond or oval shapes, for example. Of course, length also plays a role! While longer square nails might not favor shorter hands and fingers as much as other shapes, it can certainly still work.

For those with larger proportions looking to balance out your hands, the square shape can help you do just that!

The Fan Favorites

Squoval Nails

french tip squoval nail

Coming in as one of the most popular nail shapes out there is the squoval nail shape. A blend of the square and oval nail shapes, squoval nails make for an elegant look. Keeping the straight square edge with soft rounded edges, this balanced shape might be your new favorite staple.

The popularity of this shape can be largely attributed to its versatility. The squoval shape can elongate fingers while still featuring that special square nail touch at the edge. In the same way, this shape is flattering on those with longer fingers, as the rounded edges outline the natural shape of the finger and the square touch allows you to show off your personal style. 

Almond Nails

medium french tip almond nails

Another popular blend of nail shapes, almond nails bring the essence of stiletto nails with a slightly rounded touch. Truly shaped like an almond, this shape is great for incorporating a fun flair on both longer and shorter nails. 

Although this shape still needs some length to work with, it is a far more achievable look for those looking to steer away from very long manicures and opt for something a little more practical.

Want to try this look at home but your nails are too short? Try our bestselling Classic French Almond to achieve this perfect almond nail shape.

Drama, Drama, Drama!

Stiletto Nails

woman's hand with gold rings and beige stiletto long nails

If it’s drama you want, then stiletto nails are the name of the game. Sexy and shining the spotlight on its famous pointed tip, this nail shape has gained mainstream media attention for a reason.

Known as many celebrities’ favorite nail shape, stiletto nails tend to count on a lot of length and confidence to work the way it's suppose to. For these reasons, acrylic nails are often a reliable way to bring about this coveted celebrity manicurist look.

While famous stars like Cardi B have been known to rock long stiletto nails on events, red carpets, and performances, there is a less dramatic way to still rock this shape while dodging some of the inconveniences that a very long nail can bring.

Once again, whether this look elongates or shortens your fingers depends on your chosen length!

Coffin Nails

medium french ombre coffin nails

Also commonly seen worn by celebrities, the coffin nail shape has become increasingly popular over the last few years. Known for its tapered sides that come together in a blunt square edge, this often edgy shape is also widely associated with length and drama (we see you, Kylie!). While this can certainly be the case, the coffin nail shape is not limited to those conditions. 

Shorter coffin nails can also be a great option for those with wider nails, as you can adjust the amount of tapering you’d like on the sides to slim down your nails and hands.

Like we mentioned before, finding the right nail shape is all about the subtle ways to highlight your best features and make your manicure and hand work together. 

Wider nail beds? Then this shape might really be one worth investigating further. Delicate, subtle and modern versions of this nail style can make for an easy, affordable and reusable manicure in minutes! Check out the Nailuxe Modern French Coffin - we have a feeling you might never look back.

Out of the Box

Duck Nails

long natural duck shaped nails

Always on top of her manicure game, Cardi B has also been seen rocking some less conventional nail shapes and designs. Among these are duck nails - a style in which the nail flares outwards at the top, and ends with a blunt square edge. 

Not only do these nails give you plenty of space to work with in terms of nail design (let your imagination run free!), it will also most definitely help you turn heads wherever you go. 

Also known as flare nails, duck nails may be worth a try for those with wider palms; this unique shape can help to bring balance and harmony to your hands! 

Google searches for this style may be intimidating, as a lot of popular designs can be quite extravagant and out there. Our advice? Don’t be discouraged just yet! If you are interested in trying out this different style, start smaller with a subtle flare and go from there. 

Lipstick Nails

woman in red coat with hand wearing rings and long lipstick shaped nails

Still loving experimenting with something new? We have more where that came from! Lipstick nails might be right up your alley. 

This also-unconventional nail shape is exactly what its name suggests. Shaped like a lipstick, this style counts on what is essentially a square nail that is cut at an angle in one direction. Lipstick nails gained popularity all thanks to Megan Thee Stallion, who's been rocking this nail style.

Since lipstick nails do depend on length to work, they tend to do a good job on elongating the fingers despite their uneven edge.

While you can have fun with more blunt and dramatic edges, just a slight diagonal angle can already go a long way in bringing visual interest to your manicure without requiring you to get too far from your comfort zone.

Final Thoughts

Experimenting with different nail shapes is an easy and low effort way to find your new, go-to manicure. Whether you are looking to more intentionally balance out the proportions of your hands or just have fun and see what makes you feel your best, this guide will help you

Experiment away!

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